Nosiboo Nasal Aspirator

All the nasal aspirators in the Nosiboo product family are premium-quality, safe medical devices, developed with the help of ENT specialists. Their child-friendly design and innovative, patented solutions fully respect the needs even of the youngest children. Created only from harmless and BPA-free materials, Nosiboo allows you to gain serenity and comfort when mucus appears.

Nosiboo Pro – electric nasal aspirator becomes an essential in any child’s room from babies up to toddlers thanks to its controlled suction power. 

Nosiboo Go – portable nasal aspirator will accompany you on your outdoor adventures. It is rechargeable and ready to go anywhere with you!

Nosiboo Eco – manual nasal aspirator is powered by your lungs. Silent and compact, fitting even in your smallest diaper bag.

Click here to see the Nosiboo in action.

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