Elvie Trainer

Take charge of your pelvic floor with expert-designed care from home. Perfect your technique and build strength to avoid symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, as seen recently on This Morning.

Nothing beats leak-free confidence. And with just five minutes of training a day, three times a week, you can improve your pelvic floor strength in four weeks, to do what you love—with complete control. The multi-award-winning Elvie Trainer has been designed in collaboration with global medical experts and leading female pelvic floor therapists. Think of it as the gold standard of at-home pelvic floor care.

The user places the Elvie Trainer inside her vagina, and it connects to an App, guiding her through fun, five minute workouts. Force and motion sensors measure the pelvic floor muscle contraction and relaxation. The App allows the user to visualise the exercises in real time and tells her and advises if she she is contracting incorrectly. Working out the pelvic floor has never been so fun and easy.

Click here – Ease, Squeeze, Relax, Repeat!

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