Neu Oil

Your baby’s first emotional bonds are built on sensory exploration and physical contact. Touch and smell are our first languages and serve as the foundation for emotional and intellectual development.

Neu Baby aromatherapy blends are carefully formulated to provide comfort and support for your child’s everyday needs. When combined with massage, they work as a natural and sensory tool kit to help with the ups and downs of normal family life.

You want the very best for your little one and finding gentle products that care properly for your child’s delicate skin is essential. Neu Baby blends are certified safe for use on children’s skin from 3 months old and contain natural antioxidants  that nourish and care for young skin. Use any of the Neu Baby blends with gentle massage to bring comfort to your child, delight their senses and strengthen that most precious bond.

Neu Oil blends are hand made in small batches in the UK. Each bottle is carefully formulated with families in mind and designed with a roller-ball applicator for easy use. We use only the best natural ingredients which are gentle enough for young or delicate skin.

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