The Whizzer is the first patented unisex eco-toilet for kids which is both compact and lightweight. Designed by a UK Mum this simple problem-solving product has quickly become an essential piece of parenting kit, from toilet training toddlers to growing kids on the go.

The leakproof technology mixed with the ergonomic shape and high-grade silicone material allows you to pop the Whizzer into any bag and head out knowing if your child needs a wee, you’ll be able to effortlessly provide the solution whilst ensuring privacy and a hygienic outcome.

Kids remarkably take to their Whizzers immediately, ensuring they become a fun and comforting way to support them in their time of need. Thanks to the deceptively large capacity of 250ml, Whizzers are able to accompany kids on all their family adventures right through to at least 8-years-old. 

Forget searching for a public toilet in a hurry or messy ‘wild wees’. Think long car journeys, camping trips, festivals, days on the beach, long theme park queues or your favourite picnic spot. There’s not a single parent that won’t have escaped dealing with the inconvenience of deviating from plans when they hear “I need the toilet!” from their desperate child. 

It’s no wonder this product is on course to revolutionise the lives of parents forever. Click here to see a promotional video.

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